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Kenyan sand boa - care basics

Kenyan sand boas are easy to keep snakes. They don't require any sophisticated setups. They can be kept in simple plastic Rubbermaid containers. The only necessity is a water bowl. The substrate, like aspen shavings, should be kept at one to two inches deep.

You will usually not see your Kenyan sand boa for the most of the time. They like to burrow and it is important to keep the substrate deeper than for other snakes.

 Kenyan sand boa

Kenyan sand boas will eat mice. Babies will eat pinkies, small new born mice. The adult large female Kenyan snake boas can be kept on small rats.

Just like any other types of snakes, Kenyan sand boas shed their skin once in a while. Usually, it will happen once every month. It is more frequent when they are babies, and becomes less frequent as they grow older.

 Kenyan sand boa

The above photo shows one of the Kenyan sand boas in shed, and the other how they look normal. The sand boas skin first will become milky, and their eyes clowdy. Then, after few days, this will clear and within a couple days the sand boa will shed it's skin. Kenyan sand boas live in dry areas of Africa and they don't need higher humidity levels to help this process. Some tropical snake species need to be misted in order to have this process go smoothly, but not Kenyan sand boas.

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 Kenyan sand boas

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